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US 29 North Corridor Transportation Study

The Technical Memoranda are interim reports of work-in-progress on the US 29 North Corridor Transportation Study (the transportation element of Places 29) and are intended to address each portion of the transportation planning process. As such, the Technical Memoranda are written to provide documentation of various technical aspects of the work and are intended for a specific technical audience. Users of these documents are assumed to have the requisite familiarity with the technical aspects of transportation planning. Please note that the Technical Memoranda have been updated as of November 2005 and that a consultant response to CHART Committee comments is also available.

A synopsis of these Memoranda will be incorporated in the final Places 29 Master Plan documents with an explanation of the transportation planning process and how that process is integrated with the other aspects of Albemarle County's Neighborhood Model for preparation of the Master Plan.

Final Report: Draft (13.72 MB)

Technical Memo 1: Workshop 1: Summary of Findings (1.85 MB)
Technical Memo 2: Data Development and Synthesis (2.77 MB)
Technical Memo 3: Existing Conditions Addendum (2.78 MB)
Technical Memo 4: Forecast Model Validation (825 KB)
Technical Memo 5: Model Development and Calibration (255 KB)
Technical Memo 6: Transportation Needs Analysis (5.74 MB)
Technical Memo 7: Access Management Strategy (17.77 MB)
Technical Memo 8: Workshop 2: Summary of Findings (979 KB)
Technical Memo 9: Alternatives Development and Evalutation (29.89 MB)
Technical Memo 10: Workshop 3: Summary of Findings (1.49 MB)
Technical Memo 11_1: Preferred Alternative (15.71 MB)
Technical Memo 11_2: Preferred Alternative Appendix (3.82 MB)

For more information about Places 29 Master Plan click here

The following background materials are also available:

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