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Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

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The Charlottesville-Albemarle Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is the forum for cooperative transportation decision-making among Charlottesville, Albemarle, state and federal officials. The MPO considers long-range regional projects and combines public input, technical data, and agency collaboration to develop forward-thinking solutions. Organized for the City of Charlottesville and the urbanized area of Albemarle County immediately surrounding the City, it is responsible for carrying out continuing, cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning and programming process. The MPO coordinates the transportation planning activities of the various transportation-related agencies that have both a direct and indirect impact on the Long Range Plan and Transportation Improvement Program.


Charlottesville Albemarle MPO is Highlighted in New Nationwide Guidebook from Transportation for America

The Innovative MPO, released today by Transportation for America, is a new guidebook for staff and board members of metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs). The guide showcases best practices from across the country to showcase ways MPOs can help their communities prosper.

The Charlottesville Albemarle MPO, a component of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TDPDC) is highlighted in the guidebook as a national leader, and a model for other MPOs to follow. Specifically, the report praises the MPO's use of a Housing and Transportation Affordability Index developed by the Center for Neighborhood Technology to examine six different neighborhoods in the TJPDC jurisdiction. The report compared the relative costs associated with buying or renting a home along with predicted travel costs for that location based on job accessibility and other factors. The analysis showed that living further from the urban core might not be as cost-effective as people think and that foreclosure rates during the recent housing crisis were higher in suburban areas than in urban ones.

The Innovative MPO is available at

CAMPO in Process of Providing Feedback on House Bill 2

The MPO Committees and Policy Board are holding special work sessions this month, to provide recommendations and general feedback to the Deputy Secretary of Transportation on House Bill 2. The Deputy Secretary and Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) are seeking recommendations from the MPOs, which are listed in the legislation as key stakeholders in the development of this new prioritization process.

HB 2 was approved by the Governor on April 6, with implementation occurring July 2016. The legislation requires the weighting of five factors, to prioritize transportation projects across the Commonwealth. The five factors include: congestion mitigation, economic development, accessibility, safety and environmental quality.

The MPO will submit its initial feedback to the Deputy Secretary of Transportation, at the end of October. For more information about House Bill 2 Prioritization, refer to the materials below:

2040 LRTP and MPO's TIP Amendments

On July 23rd the MPO Policy Board approved amendments to both the 2040 Long Range transportation Plan and the MPO's Transportation Improvement Program. To review these amendments please see the links below.

MPO Resolution of Endorsement for the Route 29 Solution Process Project Package

At the May 28th 2014 MPO Policy Board meeting, the Board voted to approve a resolution of endorsement supporting the Route 29 Solutions project package. This project package includes eight specific projects listed in the resolution and two non-specific recommendations also listed in the resolution. The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) is anticipated to vote on the Route 29 Solutions project package at its June 18th meeting. If the CTB votes to include the project package into the FY15 to FY20 Six Year Improvement Program (SYIP), the MPO will begin the process of amending its 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan and it FY15 to FY18 Transportation Improvement Program. This amendment process is planned for July 2014.

Click here to review signed Resolution of Endorsement.

FINAL FY15 Unified Planning and Work Program

The MPO Policy Board approved the FY15 Unified Planning and Work Program at its May 28th 2014 Board meeting. The UPWP outlines the tasks that the MPO expects to complete over the next fiscal year, including MPO Administration, MPO Long Range Planning and MPO Short Range Planning. For more information about the UPWP please contact MPO Program Manager, Sarah Rhodes, at

Click here to review Final FY15 Unified Planning and Work Program
Click here to review signed resolution approving the FY15 UPWP.

Route 29 Solutions Project Package Letter of Support

The MPO Policy Board Chair, Kristin Szakos, has written a letter of support for the Route 29 Solutions project package presented to the Commonwealth Transportation Board at the Board’s workshop held May 13th 2014 in Charlottesville Virginia. Information regarding the package of improvements presented at the workshop can be found at the Route 29 Solutions website, under the May 8th meeting materials. This letter was distributed to members of the Commonwealth Transportation Board at the workshop and has been mailed to the Commonwealth’s Secretary of Transportation Aubrey Lanye. Please contact Sarah Rhodes, MPO Program Manager, if you have any questions or comments (

FFY13 Annual Listing of Obligations

On March 6th 2014, the MPO Policy Board approved the FFY13 Annual Listing of Funding Obligations. The Annual Listing is a required document that outlines what transportation projects within the MPO received federal funding obligations in the previous Federal Fiscal Year (FFY). This document is intended to increase the transparency of government spending on transportation projects within the MPO. Document is available here.

Charlottesville-Albemarle MPO’s Title VI Plan
The Charlottesville-Albemarle MPO’s Title VI Plan outlines how Title VI and Environmental Justice populations are distributed within the MPO planning area and how the MPO provides outreach to those populations. This document also includes a procedural outline and  a compliant form for any persons who feel that the MPO has discriminated against them. This document also includes the MPO’s non-discrimination statement and the MPO’s Americans with Disabilities Act notice. For more information about the MPO’s Title VI plan please contact Sarah Rhodes, the MPO Program Manager for the Charlottesville-Albemarle MPO by phone at (434) 979-7310 ext. 360 or by email at

Click here to review the MPO’s Title VI Plan.

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